Ten Reasons To Follow That Food Truck

August 13, 2011, Washington, DC: What is it about the rise of DC food trucks? Here are ten reasons that the sight of them on the streets makes me happy.

  • Their presence suggests a less stodgy DC, one increasingly open to creativity and innovation.
  • They’ve brought more delicious food to our city. Sometimes it’s food that reminds us of our other hometowns, or our childhoods, or our travels.
  • They’ve made good use of technology to promote their businesses on the move.
  • A very tasty kabob.
  • They are run by entrepreneurs who’ve decided to do something different.
  • There’s an element of surprise in deciding what to eat for lunch based on what’s parked nearby.
  • Lobster rolls on wheels.
  • They unite as a spirited community for events like yesterday’s Truckeroo by the ballpark.
  • They are colorful and full of personality.
  • They’re nomadic just like we are.


2 thoughts on “Ten Reasons To Follow That Food Truck

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