Shore Style

August 21, 2011, New Jersey Shore: What is it that draws us to the coast? Is it the grey shingled homes that blend in here by the dunes, so steadily weathering the rain and wind? Is it the salty breeze off the water? The grilled seafood dinners on a screened in porch?

We are drawn to the shore for both its style and its lifestyle. But we also come here because the coast is a place where it’s easy to feel like our best selves.

The shore brings out the parts of our personalities that we most enjoy being around. It highlights the no frills sides of ourselves that are natural and sturdy and likable. We like how open space and salt water swims clear our minds, make us feel less claustrophobic. We like that we are happy here in these places where bike rides are barefoot and houses have names.


6 thoughts on “Shore Style

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