Our Biking Revolution (Happy Birthday Dear Bikeshare!)

September 20, 2011, Washington, DC: Do you hear that? The sound of bicycle pedals revolving? A revolution is indeed underway. It’s getting cooler and cooler to walk around town with a helmet strapped to your purse.

Of all places, I’m proud to say that Washington, so often seen as behind the eight ball, is in part to credit for this growing movement. There’s a shift happening here. Positive urban change is in the works. And to celebrate, I’m going to a birthday party Thursday for a new and very dear friend. Happy birthday (officially today!) dear Bikeshare and congratulations on marking your 1st birthday with your one millionth ride!

l love Alta Capital Bikeshare’s bright red bikes for one million reasons. It’s improved my lifestyle. I’m proud of my 80-ride contribution to the million-ride milestone. D.C. is a greener and healthier city thanks to our growing bike culture. The program has put our city on the map as a model for sustainable transportation, helping shape the conversation in places like New York and Chicago and Boston. It’s exemplified the idea that making the right choices (consuming less gas, staying active) also means saving more money and having more fun.

These are, after all, among the very reasons we chose to live in cities. On this special birthday, it’s clear that places that are bikeable and walkable are in turn quite liveable.

Sept. 12, BU Today, Test-Driving Hubway

Sept. 14, New York Observer: New York City’s Bike Share Will be 10,000 Strong

Sept. 15, Grist: Can Bicycles Bring Back the Neighborhood Bookstore?

Sept. 16, Chicagoist: New Protected Bike Lanes Announced

Sept. 20, Sustainable Cities Collective: “Old Parking Meters to Become Bicycle Racks in New York”

Sept. 20, WTOP News: Pedaling their wares: D.C. café delivers coffee to your doorstep”


5 thoughts on “Our Biking Revolution (Happy Birthday Dear Bikeshare!)

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