What is the State of Your City?

February 7, 2012, Washington, DC: My neighbors on Capitol Hill are well-versed in the state of the union. This is, after all, a city overflowing with smart people dedicated to national and international issues. Countless Washingtonians spend their days focused on federal and/or global policy, whether working in Congress, on K St., for non-profits or within federal agencies. But do residents of Washington have a good handle on the state of the District? How well-versed are you in the state of your hometown?

It’s odd to think that the State of the Union literally hits closer to home on Capitol Hill. Delivered from right here in our neighborhood, the annual State of the Union address closes our streets and creates detours on our evening runs. And yet tonight, DC Mayor Vincent Gray addresses the State of the District, the state of our hometown. From a podium at Historic Sixth and I Synagogue in northwest, just two miles farther from home, the mayor will focus exclusively on this very city in which we live. It doesn’t seem right that some residents feel a bit more disengaged from the State of the District.

Are you listening? Do you feel like you should? Whether you live in DC or elsewhere, what do you know about the state of your city? Does the state of your hometown leave room for improvement? Do you feel a responsibility for ensuring it is strong?


2 thoughts on “What is the State of Your City?

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