Great Days, Great Falls

March 15, 2012, Washington, DC: These are great days. Days when the water sprays up into our faces from a raging river below. Days spent walking with dogs. These are great days for trailrunning and biking and parking at Angler’s Inn just below the Maryland overlook at Great Falls only to find it packed like summer.

That particular great day at Great Falls was nearly two weeks ago, before this mid-March heat wave enveloped our city. It was a great day on the tail end of a mild Washington winter, a perfect moment in which to indulge in this dramatic landscape just beyond our city limits. How fortunate we are to have a river like this one literally shaping our landscape, our days, and our city.

Warm Washington weather will bring more great days to again walk the high path above the C & O Canal to the far side of the pond, and drop down to the towpath just short of the overlook where paddlers put in below the falls. Ahead are many more great days for bumming around and checking out what lies beyond the next bend in the trail.


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