Chock Full of Hope and Glory

Credit: Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer

June 18, 2011, Irvington, VA:
And then we were married! Friends traveled to the celebration from faraway places like Hong Kong and Guatemala. Family came in from Santa Barbara and Minneapolis and Manhattan and Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and Marrion, Illinois. We celebrated more than the wedding; we celebrated each other’s birthdays and engagements. We celebrated each other’s first Father’s Day and first Grandfather’s Days. We shared laughs on the wide planked hardwood floors painted in pale green and white checkers. We drank lemonade from mason jars and posed for photographs in gardens exploding with color around the yellow former schoolhouse. We pedaled country roads together on beach cruiser bicycles. We danced! And we were whisked away in a hunter green pickup truck, Just Married.

Words cannot describe. It was everything and more.

Traditions of Wedding and Home

June 17, 2011, Irvington, VA: Irvington, Virginia is about 50 miles from Williamsburg, Virginia, fewer as the crow flies. The town (pop. 628) is situated on the tip of Virginia’s Northern Neck, surrounding a body of water called Carter’s Creek. It lies near the mouth of the Rappahannock River, where it flows into the Chesapeake Bay. As a result, Irvington is a unique combination of country and coast. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s a slower pace. It’s the perfect place for this weekend’s wedding.

But Irvington is not my home. Nor is it my soon-to-be husband’s home. We are putting down roots there starting only now. And we’re beginning with a rehearsal dinner celebration on a vineyard without a name, amidst a transition in ownership. Fitting, I guess, that even the place where we will say our vows tomorrow is in flux, in transition, a spot on the map where the old sign has come down and the new one isn’t yet up.
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