Neighborhood Nomad: Jason’s Floating Neighborhood

This is one in a series of reader interviews about the places and spaces people call home. Would you like to participate? Click here for more information about contributing to Neighborhood Nomad.

March 27, 2012, Washington, DC: What’s more nomadic and neighborly than a tight-knit community that floats? Judging from the camaraderie among residents who live on their boats at Gangplank Marina in Southwest Washington, DC, not much. The liveaboard community here is the largest on the East Coast, and it is also a community on the brink of change, smack dab in the middle of plans to develop this section of the city’s waterfront. Gangplank Slipholder Association president Jason Kopp is among the community’s most vocal advocates for the vitality of this place and he agreed to tell us more about his floating neighborhood.

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Lights Shining on the Southwest Waterfront

December 5, 2011, Washington, DC: These holiday traditions of ours aren’t remotely political and yet those underway in Washington this week starkly illustrate the unusual dynamics at play every day in this city. The identity of Washington The City is forever muddled with and overshadowed by the identity of Washington The Nation’s Capital. While New York’s trends, traditions and priorities that seep into the rest of the nation belong, ultimately, to New Yorkers, much of what emerges from Washington is owned by Americans rather than Washingtonians.

This weekend’s holiday tree lightings and a boat parade of lights inadvertently provided clear examples of this atypical relationship.

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